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CTBR provides advisory and sourcing solutions for corporate professionals tasked with managing and reducing corporate travel expenses. Solutions are scalable for national and global travel programs of any size.

What We Do

We Create Volume Buying Groups (“CTBR Rates”)
CTBR aggregates the volume of similar companies to help travel buyers secure larger discounts without the time, costs and headaches of trying to source their own supplier agreements. Simply establish your own sub agreement with our preferred travel suppliers to begin enjoying immediate savings and enhanced buyer-centric SLAs  from the following categories.

Car Rental Category

Offers the industry’s best rates with the leading corporate car rental supplier. Available for any company spending $100K - $1M annually on car rental expenses looking for an additional 4% - 15%+ savings to your own negotiated rates. Contact us today to begin booking our Rates through your existing TMC or travel process.

Hotel Category

Offers volume discounts with various hotel chains and properties. Available for any company looking to supplement or replace their existing negotiated rates. Greater savings opportunities when combined as part of a Custom Sourcing Solutions below. Contact us today to begin booking our Rates through your existing TMC or travel process.

TMC Category

Offers any company the option of selecting one of our preferred TMCs to incorporate our industry leading Rates, SLAs and T&Cs. Eliminates the typical 9 - 16+ month process of trying to source your own TMC. Includes implementation support and instant access to other CTBR Rates and support. Contact us today to learn more.

We Create “Custom Sourcing Solutions” For Air and Hotel  Expenses

Air and Hotel expenses are the two largest corporate travel expenses requiring a custom - strategic approach to properly manage. CTBR  creates custom solutions that deliver an additional 2% - 7%+ guaranteed - incremental savings  to your existing negotiations and CTBR Rates above (Combined 8% - 30%+ average savings).  This is achieved by  statistically leveraging your data with our 360-degree sourcing processes and developing private buyer groups to leverage your volume with like companies.  Includes monthly audits of your TMC and other preferred travel supplier performances. This solution is targeted to companies spending a minimum of $5M  annually on air or hotel expenses and operating an advanced, managed travel program. Contact us today to begin obtaining Maximum - Total Trip Savings.

We Provide “Turnkey” Managed Programs

Managing corporate travel requires staffing costly FTEs to manage multiple travel supplier categories, policies and processes.  This starts with selecting a TMC that can take 9 - 16+ months to properly source, followed by months of negotiations and renegotiations with Air, Hotel, Car and other travel suppliers.  For most companies spending <$20M on travel and all companies spending <$10M,  you will lack the volume to individually source the best rates and terms with  every supplier, not to mention the high costs and limited ROI from staffing expensive procurement resources to try and support these complex travel categories.

Our Turnkey Solution packages our CTBR Rates and Custom Sourcing Solutions above to offer a custom, plug-n-play, managed travel program in less than ninety days.  Just select a TMC from our list of partners for quick setup and guaranteed access to the best preferred travel supplier discounts (Air, Car and Hotel), including SLAs, Policies, Processes and Technologies. All with  the added option of outsourcing program support to our  team of leading industry experts.  Ideal for first time managed programs of any size, and then for existing managed travel programs spending between $1M - $30M annually on travel looking for greatest potential in total cost savings.  Contact us today to learn more.

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