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CTBR  is leading the way in Corporate Procurement for the Corporate Travel Category, by providing innovative sourcing solutions to help you quickly secure the largest savings and buyer-centric commercial terms with every travel supplier category.

What We Do

We are a GPO, creating volume buying groups (“CTBR Rates”)

The Travel Category is a complex sourcing category requiring deep industry experience and a continuous cycle of disruptive RFP's and renegotiations with your air, hotel, car and TMC suppliers to secure and then maintain the best commercial terms for your company. 

Even if your corporate procurement department is fortunate to employ resources with the proper travel category experience, you will need to spend  >$30M annually on travel to secure the best commercial terms with every travel supplier category.  

Many buyers also rely on their TMCs to help negotiate their Air, Hotel and Car supplier programs. The commission and incentive payments your TMC will secure for themselves impacts the travel suppliers' margins to offer their best commercial terms, while restricting which suppliers they may recommend.

CTBR Rate Solutions provides relief to both sides by building a network of buyers and suppliers who want true transparency and the ability to quickly secure the best commercial terms.

For Travel Buyers, we aggregate the volume of like companies through private buying groups. You can leverage our volume and supplier positions to quickly secure an additional 5% - 20% savings in a fraction of the time of your typical RFP or supplier negotiation process. This allows your corporate trave department to spend less time on outdated, disruptive travel supplier RFP processes to spend more time implementing new savings programs and managing company policies, processes and industry trends, which provides the greatest return for your company.

For Travel Suppliers, we lower their client acquisition and retention costs so they can tender their lowest rates at higher margins.

CTBR Rate Solutions are ideal for any National or Global company spending $1M - $30M+ annually on travel and looking to quickly optimize total savings by category (Total cost of travel and supporting operating costs). 

See available Travel Supplier categories below. Or, contact us at SalesSupport@ctbrtravel.com to request more information.

Car Rental Category

Offers the industry’s best rental rates, while eliminating those annoying and expensive city surcharges and other hidden charges like energy recovery fees.  Leverage our rates today to begin saving 15% - 30%+ on your existing negotiated rates, without the time, costs and headaches of conducting a RFP.  

Air & Hotel Categories

Tired of the annual Hotel RFP process or the Airlines one-sided market share tacticts? CTBR Rate Solutions provides an innovative approach to sourcing preferred airline and hotel deals  through private buying groups. Save time and money, wile increasing your supplier discounts by an additional 5% - 20%+. 

TMC Category

Looking for a new TMC or planning a TMC RFP?  The typical TMC RFP process takes 6 - 9+ months and seldom delivers a ROI.  With CTBR's Rate Solution, you're  able to quickly assess market options, select the best qualified TMC, while leveraging the volume of like companies to secure the best commercial terms - all within ninety days.

We provide “Turnkey” Travel Programs

Managing corporate travel requires staffing FTEs whose primary focus is trying to negotiate discounts and manage  multiple travel supplier categories.  This starts with selecting a TMC that can take 9 - 16+ months to properly source, followed by months of negotiations and renegotiations with Air, Hotel, Car and other travel suppliers.  For companies spending <$5M annually on travel,  there's seldom an ROI from this industry or category practice.

Our Turnkey Solution packages all of our CTBR Rate Solutions to offer a custom, plug-n-play, managed travel program in less than ninety days at a fraction of the costs to independently source yourself.  This includes quick and easy setup of a customized TMC and then access to the best preferred travel supplier discounts, platforms, and traveler support services - all with full support for  related  Policies, Processes and Technologies.  Ideal for first time managed programs of any size, and then for existing managed travel programs spending between $1M - $10M+ annually on travel looking for the greatest potential in total cost savings.  Contact us today to learn more.

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