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CTBR  is leading the way in Corporate Procurement for the Corporate Travel Category, by providing innovative sourcing solutions to help buyers quickly secure the best commercial terms, in a fraction of  the time and cost of the legacy RFP process.

What We Do

We are a GPO, creating volume buying groups (“CTBR Rates”)

The Travel  Supplier Category is a complex category to source requiring procurement resources with deep industry experience, all supporting a continuous cycle of disruptive RFP's and renegotiations to maintain the best commercial terms.

Even if you're fortunate to employ qualified procurement resources,  you will need to spend >30M annually on travel to secure the best pricing with preferred travel suppliers.

The impact of the Pandemic has increased the complexity by requiring companies to re-assess and renegotiate all travel supplier categories as they return to travel with less volume or buying power. 

Some buyers rely on their TMC to help negotiate their Air, Hotel and Car supplier programs. The commission and incentive payments your TMC secures for themselve will impact supplier margins to offer you their best commercial terms.

CTBR Rate Solutions provides relief to both sides by building a network of buyers and suppliers who want true transparency.

For Travel Buyers:  We provide transparent sourcing solutions that are quick and easy to deploy. Just  leverage our volume and supplier positions to secure an additional 5% - 20% savings in your preferred Car, Hotel, Air and TMC supplier agreements in a fraction of the time and cost of your typical RFP. 

For Travel Suppliers: We lower client acquisition and retention costs so they can tender their lowest rates to our clients, at a fair profit margin.

CTBR Rate Solutions are designed for National or Global companies spending $1M - $30M+ annually on travel and looking to quickly optimize total savings by category (Total cost of travel and supporting operating costs). 

See overview of available Travel Supplier categories below (Car, Hotel, TMC and Air).

Or, contact us at SalesSupport@ctbrtravel.com to request more information.

Car Rental Category

The Car Rental Category is gaining new importance and leading other travel supplier categories as businesses return to travel in this new Pandemic era.

Travelers are now renting cars locally and driving versus flying, for 250 - 500+ mile trips, and then renting a car at their destination when flying as a safer/sanitized option than ridesharing services, taxis and other forms of public transportation.

CTBR's GPO Solution offers your travelers the largest coverage in North America (On and Off Aiport Locations) and then globally around the world from our preferred supplier network.  You simply sign your own direct agreement with our preferred supplier, while incorporating the master terms under our GPO. It's that simple to begin saving 15% - 30%+ on your total Car Rental costs.

Our GPO buying power guarantees the lowest daily rates, elimination of city surcharges, no extra costs for LDW insurance, and waiver of other hidden pesky charges commonly assessed to your travelers at the time of rental.  All rates can be booked through your existing TMC and Online Booking Tool.

If your company spends between $50K - $1M+ annualy on car rental, contact us at SalesSupport@ctbrtravel.com to learn how easy it is to leverage and add this solution to your existing program.

TMC Category

No Trave Supplier Category has been more adversely impacted from the Pandemic than the TMC.

Many travel buyers will be forced to re-asses or re-negotiate with their current TMC, while others will look to consolidated or source a new TMC to support evolving requirements in this new Pandemic era, all with less individual volume and buying power.

CTBR provides a hybrid "Custom Sourcing" and "GPO" Solution for National and International companies of any size to manage this supplier category.

You can quickly assess your current TMC against competitive market optons or source a new TMC following CTBR's proprietary modeling process.  All within sixty days, versus the legacy corporate procurement RFP process that takes 6 -16 months to complete.

This process factors  your current program condition, and the most updated industry requirements, technology and capabilities of each TMC in this new Pandemic era. 

Once you select your TMC, you can leverage CTBR's GPO buying power during final negotiations to secure enhanced commercial terms than you could on your own.

If you are currently tasked with re-assessing your current TMC or pursuing a new TMC strategy, contact us today at SalesSupport@ctbrtravel.com

Hotel Category

The Hotel Category has always been a frustrating supplier category for procurement as they try to align to the industry's "Archaic" (timely and costly) annual Hotel RFP process.

The impact of the Pandemic has added to the frustration as most Hotels are rolling over 2020 Rates for 2021.

Buyers are now tasked with assessing Fixed Rates (LRA and NLRA Rates) with Dynamic Pricing (Percentage Disounts) on a continuous monthly cycle to ensure they secure and then maintain the best terms for their travelers, all with reduced volume or buying power.

CTBR's "GPO" Solution provides relief to buyers by creating private buying groups to leverage their spend with like companies at the individual property level and an expanding network of hotel chains.  Secure incremental savings of 10% - 20%+ than you could based on your own volume.

New and existing hotels are continously re-leveraged and sourced throughout the year, by the GPO, ensuring your travelers always receive the best rates and commercial terms at your preferred hotels.

Simply deploy our rate codes (Plug-n-Play) when it makes sense to supplement your existing hotel sourcing activity. 

If your company is ready to return to travel and looking for a more sensible approach to sourcing preferred hotels, contact CTBR at SalesSupport@ctbrtravel.com

Air Category

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