1. TMC RFPs. As anyone knows who has ever participated in a bid, a TMC bid is a no win assignment for any procurement department. The process is timely, costly, and the lack of consistent practices and unit baselines make it next to impossible to timely, accurately and objectively score competing bids. Extended project delays, rebids and poorly executed agreements where new pricing and SLAs become outdated in under one year is the common outcome. CTBR's TMC RFP solution (BidCentral) is the #1 TMC RFP solution in the market today because it's guaranteed to streamline your bid project, keep you focused on the finish line and help you navigate around all of the ROI killers associated with any TMC bid. If you are planning a local or global TMC bid, you owe it to yourself and company to schedule a demo of our solution today.

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2. Car Rental RFP. While at first glance the car rental category appears to be the simplest bid category in corporate travel, there are many new challenges from Risk Management issues, especially in new international markets, to new ancillary pricing that increases the initial projected negotiated units rates by 10 – 30% after your bid is completed. In addition, three vendors primarily control all of the market brands, which creates an interesting dynamic of reduced market competition and multiple or confusing quotes from each vendor. Extended project delays, rebids and timely manual calculations piecing together disparate pricing practices are common challenges. CTBR's BidCentral solution will help you quickly define the best support sourcing strategy for your car rental bid and then streamline the bid process through our online platform so you can select the right vendor(s), at the best market price while negotiating a buyer centric, world class agreement.

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