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Areas of Expertise

General Travel & Program Management

Managed Programs (New or First Time Programs): Customized advisory services for strategy and process support.  Targeted to fast growing companies looking to quickly navigate through the maze of options and challenges to establish their first formal managed travel program. Includes strategy and deployment for selecting and implementing your first consolidated TMC and deploying your first or upgraded travel policy(s), leveraging spend to identify opportunities to negotiate savings with  preferred airline, hotel and other travel suppliers, payment and expense management processes, all with scalable project and change management support.

Managed Programs (Mature & Larger Programs):  Customized benchmarking and assessment solutions for established  or larger programs looking for greater optimization/savings.  Covers all program management areas and supplier/vendor categories listed below.

  • TMC
  • Airline
  • Hotel
  • Car
  • Policies and Operational Processes
  • Payment and expense management
  • Risk Mitigation

Specialized Travel Categories

TMC Category: For most travel buyers a TMC can play a critical support role in the management of your travel program. CTBR has assisted hundreds of national and global buyers in deploying custom TMC sourcing strategies.  If you’re looking to consolidate or implement a TMC vendor for the first time, benchmark and renegotiate with an existing TMC, or looking to conduct a new market search to source a new TMC, we can help.

Airline Negotiations/Expense Management:  Airline expenses typically represent a company’s largest travel expense category. It’s also a frustrating supplier category to manage with the airlines’ one-sided market share modeling, continuous rate fluctuations and never ending add-on or ancillary charges. CTBR offers customized 360 Degree - Continuous Sourcing solutions.  This solution helps you negotiate the best rates and terms with the right portfolio of airlines, and then  ensures your rates remain competitive throughout the life of the contract.  As an added bonus, this solution also offers a performance monitoring service of your TMC’s Air Rate Assurance/Guarantee SLA. If you’re looking to maximum savings in airline purchases, negotiate improved rates with your current preferred airline partners, or establishing your first portfolio of preferred airline agreement(s), we can help.

Hotel Negotiations/Expense Management:  Hotel expenses are typically a company’s second largest travel expense behind air expenses.  Like air, hotel expenses are quickly becoming challenging to manage with daily price fluctuations for the same room and new add-on ancillary and cancellation charges that can increase base room rates by 20% - 50%. CTBR offers customized, 360 - Continuous Sourcing Solutions to help budget, negotiate and then secure the best hotel rates throughout the year.  If you’re looking to replace the industry’s standard (outdated) annual Hotel RFP/Sourcing process with a new innovative approach, or deploying a new or first time sourcing approach to reducing hotel expenses we can help.

Project Resources

Industry/Category Experts: Provides an industry/category expert to help support or provide guidance on any program strategy, process and sourcing activity..
Lead Project Resource:  Provides a leading industry or category expert to help lead any corporate travel project or strategy.
Project Manager: Provide full PMO support for large and complex projects (Global Consolidating, Implementation of new policies, suppliers or vendors and Change Management initiatives.

Program Management

Interim Travel Manager:  Provides top qualified travel manager resources on a temporary basis.  Ideal for new managed programs with no current resource and not sure of FTE requirement to support new program, and when providing temporarily coverage to backfill for an existing employee through high demand periods or while on leave.
Shared or Part Time Travel Manager:  Provides a top leading industry resource to oversee management and strategies at at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for small to mid market programs (< $10M annual Travel spend) who can’t afford or justify cost of hiring an internal FTE or attract a top qualified resource.


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