Empowering Corporate Travel Buyers Since 1999


Top Five Reasons to Engage CTBR

  1. Experience: We get it, every linkedin profile or company website showcases experience. In most circumstances the individual or entity only has qualifying experience in one small specific area.  Consequently you pay them as they try to gain the proper experience or worse yet fail.  At CTBR, we only retain leading industry experts who possess actual, recent and relevant experience.
  2. 360-Degree Sourcing Approach: Most new corporate sourcing strategies for travel are developed around a singular or biased perspective that fails to factor the true enterprise impact. CTBR applies a  360-degree modeling approach to every strategy that  factors the net impact to all internal departments or stakeholders within your enterprise, including travelers, and then the impact to external parties supporting your program (TMC and other travel suppliers). This provides a more accurate total cost or impact analysis upfront to avoid unplanned cost shifts and other surprises that commonly delay or dilute original savings and ROI projections.
  3. Independent: Sure, most individuals or travel entities make this claim, but are they really? You may be surprised!  Since 1999, CTBR has been and remains  one of the only truly independent - transparent travel consultancies providing advisory and sourcing solutions  to corporate travel buyers.
  4. We Get Results: We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it by leveraging our PMO expertise.  This allows us to properly plan upfront, validate real costs, timelines and savings, and then forecast and quickly adapt to ensure you reach the finish line on time and within budget.
  5. Fun: Travel projects carry a lot of stress with their high visibility or impact to so many employees and departments, tight project timelines and other inherent industry challenges. We do not take  ourselves too serious and will infuse humor throughout the process to lighten the load and stress.