In addition to experience, professionalism and integrity, there are three value drivers that lead corporations to engage the services of CTBR.

1 Cost Savings/Reduction: CTBR, like any good consultant, can identify and negotiate additional savings beyond what most travel buyers could obtain independently.  However, the real value or ROI from engaging CTBR is the time factor, because you will be able to reduce your total project time by 30 – 50%This time reduction will save your company valuable internal costs. More importantly, it will help you realize the new savings from your sourcing project 1 -2 quarters sooner, which will increase your first year ROI by 25 – 50%.

2. Insurance Policy:  Any corporate travel sourcing project (TMC selection, technology, travel policy, expense tool, etc.) can be a very sensitive topic within a company and highly visible to all employees and departments, especially executive management.  No manager or travel department can afford a misstep in a travel sourcing project. CTBR offers the added insurance policy to navigate around the hidden landmines and ensures the deployment of the best solution or process for your company.

3. Sourcing Support: Today most companies operate lean departments and do not have the proper resources to adequately tackle all projects. CTBR can fill this gap with services that are scalable to meet your internal resource/sourcing requirements.


Mission Statement


"To provide professional and unbiased consultation to each customer
so their decision to engage CTBR's services proves to be the best strategic
business decision for their corporate travel program."